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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Growing with Jesus


Homework Friday 9th November to return on Tuesday 20th November.


I have sent home the Tentown characters for numbers 8-10 to practice number formation. Please could your child trace over these numbers and then also have a go at writing them in the next page in their homework book.


I hope you enjoy playing the 'Roll a sound game' (enclosed in your child's homework book). Play the game and practice recognising the letter sounds!


2 players or more.

Each player has a set of counters (lego bricks or other alternative)

Take turns to roll the die. When you roll a number, put your colour counter onto the corresponding letter sound.

You can only have one counter on each letter sound.

The person with the most of their colour counters on the board wins!


Please also find posters showing the phase 2 letter sounds and phase 3 tricky words for your child to learn and for you to display at home.


Homework presentation. 

Presentation is very important and school does have a presentation policy. Please could your child therefore begin using writing pencils for all writing in their homework books and colouring pencils rather than felt tips for any pictures. Many thanks. 


Show and Tell Themes

Autumn A: My favourite toys / Things that God created. 

Autumn B: Things that work (e.g. objects or toys with buttons, lift the flap...)

Spring A: My achievements / Experiences with my family and friends (e.g. birthdays, holidays, outings to the library, weddings...)

Spring B: My favourite book / My gifts and talents

Summer: To be confirmed


 Autumn Term 


I am so proud of all of the children in Reception Class - they have settled so well! In the first weeks we have been getting to know new friends, new routine, teachers and classroom. 


We have had great fun practicing and developing our football skills in PE where we learned passing and dribbling skills. In Autumn B we are enjoying playing cricket and are especially having fun working on batting and bowling skills!


In our first half term we had a very exciting delivery - a parcel containing dinosaur eggs!!! The children got involved in some fabulous discussion about where they came from and we will soon be reading a special class book linked to an amazing dinosaur adventure. Not long after we discovered a dinosaur poop in our classroom! We became scientists and dissected the poop to find out whether the dinosaur who left it there was a carnivore or herbivore.....we found out that it was an omnivore!


The children have met Doris the Dragon and Muddles our puppet friends who often need help with maths! Bruce the class bear has also introduced himself and his love for books.


We have learned all about the story of Creation and then made some of God's amazing creatures using clay!


We have been thinking about and painting pictures of people who love and care for us. Our assembly is all about our families and what we do to show that we love and care for them too. 


Parent Workshops

You are invited to come along to our EYFS Reception Class Phonics and Writing Workshop for parents on Monday 1st October from 3.45-4.45pm. Children are able to come along. 

You are invited to attend our EYFS Maths Workshop for parents on Monday 19th November from 3.45-4.45pm. 

Reception Class

Information for Parents.

Show and Tell

We have ‘Show and Tell’ sessions in Reception Class which have proven to be hugely popular with the children. Each half term the theme for Show and Tell changes, for example: bring in one of your favourite toys; bring in items that relate to an experience you would like to share, maybe a birthday, family holiday, day trip, visiting family, Baptism… Each child is in a group and has a particular day of the week for their Show and Tell session. I will email families about changes in Show and tell themes and groups.


Children are in the same group for reading and Show and Tell. As with Show and Tell, groups are swapped around through the year enabling children to have the opportunity to read with different children. A few weeks after starting school we send home books without words. These are especially important as they encourage children to look at the pictures and develop their comprehension, language and understanding through discussing what is happening in the story. As the term progresses, we begin sending home one reading book per week. Children have a Reading Log book where we ask parents to record how their child is getting on with their reading book at home. In addition, children have a school Bug Club account and can access online reading books. Details of your child’s Bug Club account will be sent home in their homework books.  Please ensure your child reads at least one Bug Club book per week. In class we have the ‘Bug Club challenge’ children who have completed at least one Bug Club book per week can move along our very exciting reward chart!

It is strongly recommended that children read at home for ten minutes per day as this one to one reading time is invaluable and has such a huge and very positive impact on children’s reading progress, which in turn supports children’s writing skills. In addition to reading books and Bug Club books from school, books from home and the library, comics, leaflets and magazines are other reading opportunities that you and your child can enjoy at home.

At school the children have a weekly small group Guided Reading session. Each child is in a group and has a particular day of the week for their session. Our Reception Class rule is that you must remember to bring in your reading book and reading log on your reading day in order to be able to join in with Show and Tell the next day.


We set homework to help develop children’s schools in all areas of learning and completing homework helps children to practice and reinforce new learning and skills. Homework is detailed on the school website on the Reception Class page and the Homework policy is also available to view on our website. Practicing reading and writing at home for ten minutes each day is also strongly recommended. We provide phonics and writing workshops for parents to attend which show how we are teaching your child at school and give fun and useful ideas and tips for home.

School dinners

Please ensure that you order your child’s free school meal online a week in advance using Parentpay. Further information about Parentpay is in your welcome packs and is also available on the school website. In the first few days in Reception class, parents will be able to choose their child’s dinner in class on the day while Parentpay is being set up. Please could children bring a labelled drinks bottle to school each day to keep in class (water only, no juice please).

Home and school links

We have Parents evening in the Autumn and Spring terms and an Open Evening in the Summer term which are fantastic opportunities to discuss your child’s progress and how they are getting on in school. In Reception class we also will email a date when we have informal ‘drop in’ sessions offering the opportunity for you to come in to chat about your child’s reading, writing, maths and general progress.

In Reception Class we use 2simple to record ‘wow’ moments and observe your child’s learning, progress and next steps. The ‘Parent Share’ system which forms part of 2simple lets you receive mini observations (complete with photos) via email around once a term. They will show you snapshots of what your child has been learning, new skills they are developing and their next steps. You will be invited to sign up to ‘Parent Share’ through an email directly from ‘’. If you give your consent then we will send occasional observations to you to share your child’s progress and practice new skills at home. We think these will really brighten up your day! You can also send us your comments and feedback by simply replying to the emails. This will help our staff to support your child even more effectively in the classroom.

We also complete ‘Focus Child’ sheets for one or two children each week where we observe their learning and progress and invite parents in to come in for an informal catch up and celebrate their child’s learning. Every child has one Focus Sheet completed during their time in Reception Class. These have proven to be a wonderful, positive experience for families and children.

Downloading our school app, checking the school website, signing up for and reading the school newsletter, and reading tweets on our twitter site are all great ways to keep up to date throughout the year.

Voluntary contributions

In reception class we love to provide lots of exciting and fun learning experiences for your children, for example baking bread and making vegetable soup, lots of messy play activities such as writing in foam and modelling sparkly firework playdough, a range of extra arts and crafts, food tasting, and much much more.  These extra activities make a huge difference to the children's learning. We wondered if you might be able to support us with a voluntary contribution? An option to contribute £5 per term will become available in your Parentpay account. If you are able to contribute, it will be hugely appreciated.


In Reception Class we have indoor and outdoor PE sessions. Your child will need black shorts, a PE top, pumps, jogging bottoms and long sleeved top. Please ensure every item is clearly named as it is very easy to mix up PE kits! Please bring your child’s PE kit in a drawstring bag at the beginning of each half term. We will send the children’s PE kits home at the end of each half term to be washed. The purple St Joseph’s PE drawstring bags and PE tops are available to buy.