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Growing with Jesus

Welcome to Year 2


British Science Week Poster Competition

British Science Week runs from 9th – 18th March. The theme this year is ‘Exploration and Discovery.' For your homework this week can you create your own poster about exploration and discovery. The top 5 entries will be sent away to the national competition for your chance to win a range of prizes. The poster must be 2D either A4 or A3. You can create your poster with a group or friends, siblings or on your own.

• Investigate and imagine all the amazing exploration and discovery that has taken place around the world.
• What sort of discoveries have you made?
• Which explorers do you know?
• What do people explore?
• What discoveries might be made in the future?

Please ensure names are on the back of your poster.
Complete and return to a teacher by Friday 23rd March.


Y2 Creative Homework - Friday 9th February 

Due Monday 26th March


For this terms homework Y2 will be completing their creative project. Our Topic this term is Africa and last term was Lichfield & the Victorians.

Children can pick one of these areas, research it and produce a presentation or fact file to share with the class. Areas could include: a particular African country, African animals, clothes, food etc.  

Children can use ICT including power-point to record their homework. You can also create artwork or bring in artefacts to support the presentation.

Every child will then share their projects & presentations with the class during the last week of the term (week beginning 26th March).


Weekly spelling rules will still be on the class website. Continue daily reading and times tables.  


Please ensure that you follow the school presentation rules in the same way that you would in your school books. Use pencil for writing and coloured pencils for pictures. Please don't stick lots of sheets into your books.
Please refer to the homework section of the website for further information


Please stick in any sheets of work (book reviews, information texts etc). Including past homework. Spelling lists should also stay a home. 


Continue daily reading. 

    Spellings (Use in sentences)

    The /ɒ/ sound spelt a after w and qu

    a is the most common spelling for the /ɒ/ (‘hot’) sound after w and qu.

    (E.G. want, watch, wander, quantity, squash, washing, quality, was, warm, wander)


    Continue to revise the Y1 & Y2 common exception words. 

    Use phonics play to revise phonics sounds to support spellings -


    Y2 have started using Times Tables Rock Stars and have been given their log on details.  

    Use games to help learn times tables and number facts by heart - 


    Please read and discuss the Wednesday Word together.

    Each Friday a child will bring home the class prayer bag. Please return the following Thursday.


    Spring Term 2018 


    Great Mother's Day Assembly, reminding everyone about all the things mums do for us and what makes them so special.


    World Book Day






    Topic - Africa

    This term Y2 have been learning about Africa.


    African masks

    We loved looking at different African masks and making our own.




    Chocolate tasting

    Tinga Tinga

    We have read different African tales, including the Leopard's Drum. We loved learning about the different animals in Africa and wrote our own story using another African instrument.

    We have learnt about the different climates and landscapes in Africa, including deserts, rainforests and savannahs.


    We started the term by reading and performing poems including repetitive poems and nursery rhymes. Y2 then worked in pairs to create and perform their own poems.






    We have been using different apparatus to show multiplication sums using equal groups. How many different ways can you find?



    We also made arrays to show different multiplication sums. Can you write the multiplication sentences?




    Life Cycles

    This term Y2 have been learning about life cycle in animals and humans. We learnt about 'Metamorphosis' in frogs and butterflies by ordering and acting out the different stages.




    Butterfly printing



    Packington Farm visit

     We learnt about different animals at Packington Farm and how wheat is grown. We even had a visit from one of the hens!




     Baby Visit



    Autumn Term 2017

    Christmas Play

    A great performance of 'Stable Story'! Y2 did a fantastic job of narrating, singing and playing the instruments. 





    Class assembly

    Our class assembly was about the half term Value and Virtue 'Eloquent & Truthful.'

    Do you always tell the truth? Is it sometimes difficult to be honest? What happens if we lie? 




    The Victorians

    Y2 have been learning about the Victorians and how Lichfield has changed. We even turned the class into a Victorian classroom for the day!


                               Ready for morning inspection.

         Learning the 3R's.    

    Reading, Writing & Arithmetic. 




    Victorian Toys


    Victorian Art - Still Life



    Looking at Lichfield

     Y2 recieved a letter from the adventure-seeking team 'Go Jetters.'             

     Their funky facts about Lichfield  had been stolen by Grandmaster Glitch! We had to travel around Lichfield to find the funky facts.

             We also spotted Grandmaster Glitch along the way.   

                       Who was born here?             

        Why is the Cathedral improtant to Lichfield?  


    Have you visitied Erasmus Darwin's house and seen his inventions?     


    Where are your favourite places in Lichfield?       






    Y2 have been solving sums and place value problems using a range of resources.




    We have loved reading 'The Minpins' by Roald Dahl and writing our own story about Little Billy's adventures.  

      The class enjoyed acting out parts of the story.  

    Writing Workshop
     Thank you to all the Y2 parents who came along to our writing workshop. 



    Y2 have also been investigating sounds. We went around school and recorded the sounds we heard. 


    How far can sounds travel? We investigated how far we could hear different sounds, like a whistle, drum, triangle and a shout. 


    Y2 investigated pitch and explored how to make low and high sounds.    


    We then tested different materials to answer the question: Which material is the most soundproof?


      We also made our own String telephones. 


    Y2 have been investigating materials all around us and where they come from?

                     How many different materials can you see around school?              


      Where does cotton come from? How are rubber boots made? 


    We took a closer look at fabrics and made our own paper weaving.  



    We have been exploring Old Testament stories, focusing on Noah's Ark. Look at our lovely rainbows -  to remind us about God's promise not not flood the world again.




    During our gymnastics unit Y2 have been creating sequences using different shapes, balances and ways of moving. We then adapted them to perform on apparatus. 



    This term Y2 have began looking at coding. We have played different games using and writing instructions and codes.