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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Growing with Jesus

 Book changes 

Reading books

Gold ,purple and turquoise readers   Wednesday

Orange and green readers Thursday 

Blue, yellow and red readers  Friday

Bug Club has been updated to match new reading levels.Reading books and diaries should be kept in book bags . Sometimes it is necessary to change books on a different day or there is the opportunity for your child to have additional reading practice by reading with an available adult. If their book is not in school they have missed this opportunity. 

 Library books 

Please note that we are hoping to change library books on  Thursday instead of Tuesday this term. 



We’ve now finished our topic presentations. Well done to all of you. The topics will be on display at Open Evening for everyone to see.

Homework Friday 22nd June to be handed in Tuesday 3rd July

Find out about the toys your parents and grandparents played with when they were young. Record the answers in the table or in your homework book. Our next topic will be finding out about old and new toys and will begin Monday 2nd July.

Continue to practise Common Exception words from your list. Remember to use Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check to help you.
Try to focus on a few words at a time, keep returning to these over the next weeks or months. Practise using them in sentences.


 Practice your reading for 10 minutes each night.
Don’t forget to look at Bug Club for additional reading material and to practice your comprehension skills. If you are having problems accessing this material please let Mrs Thomas or Mrs Gibson know.

Activities linked to recognising coins and paying see sheet in books.

Read and discuss Wednesday Word together
If any parents or grandparents have any old toys which we could look at please send them in at the start of Topic Week. Thank you.



 Summer term 

In our final term in Year 1 we continue to develop our English and Maths skills.

In English we are reading longer texts and are now beginning to be able to answer questions in writing about the books we have read. We are reading both fiction and non fiction books more independently. We have already read and written about a range of books including Owl Babies, The Aliens are Coming and The Bear and the Piano. We have also looked at short biographies of Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong as part of our topic work. In our final term we will find out about The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Tunnel  and perhaps why "Giraffes Can't Dance"Our punctuation and spelling is improving but we need to keep on practising. We are also making sure we are confident recognising our sounds in preparation for the Y1 Phonics Screening in June. 

In Maths we have moved on from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.  We have learnt about shapes and how do describe position and direction( we'll be much better giving directions now!) We will aso be finding out about money and time. 

Our Science work will help us to know more about plants and animals and we are looking forward to our trips to Beacon Park and Twycross Zoo. In RE we have followed the seasons in the Litugical Year learning about Easter and Pentecost as well as learning about the work of the disciples and how we can share in Jesus's work ourselves. Our first topic "Great Explorers" helped us to find out more about some famous explorers and what you need to be an explorer. Our final topic will be about Toys old and new get ready to tell us about the toys you played with when you were younger.. 



  Spring Term

 As we move into our second term in Year 1 we are building up our skills in English and Maths.

In English, as well as individual reading at home, we take part in group reading sessions when we focus on a range of strategies to support our comprehension and response to the texts, which are getting more challenging all the time. This is supported by regular phonic sessions in preparation for our Phonics screening test at the beginning of the Summer term. We are writing in a variety of forms - stories, recounts, letters and postcards and will begin to look at non fiction writing later this term. We are working hard to make sure our sentence punctuation is accurate and are beginning to learn how to check and improve our work independently. We are learning spelling rules and how to use our phonic knowledge to spell word families. 

In Maths we are working with a range of equipment such as ten frames, counters and numberlines to support our addition and subtraction and we are learning  about place value in larger numbers and to count in 2s 5s and 10s. We will be learning to measure length, height and weight. We practise counting forwards and backwards, number bonds to 10 and number pairs to 20.

In RE we will be thinking about the seasons in the Church's year - Christmas, Lent, Holy Week and Easter and learn more about Jesus as a teacher and healer. Our topic this term is " Why can't a meerkat live at the North Pole?" when we will find out about hot and cold countries and some of the the animals  who live there. 


Learning about the message of the Good Samaritan parable. 

We all enjoyed role play in the hall ( especially the robbers!)






 Autumn Term 

Welcome back to a new school year we have lots of exciting activities planned - watch this space! 

We started our first term in Year 1 by thinking about our wonderful summer holidays and shared all our news with our friends. We have thought about the school motto Growing with Jesus and how we could do this in our classroom. 





This term we will be thinking about the wonderful world God created in our RE lessons and in Science we will be finding out about "Why it gets dark earlier in Winter?" - all about light and dark and the seasons.

Our topic this half term will be "Long to reign over us- The Queen".  We will be learning about the Queen and her family and where she lives at different times of the year. We will be reading the story of The Queen's Knickers and designing a new pair for her. 

On Friday 29th September we will have our first class visit to Packington Farm to find out about where some of our food comes from and more about the natural world. 

After half term, our RE work will be about families and celebrations. In Science we will be finding out about why the trees drop their leaves in Autumn and about nocturnal animals. Our next topic will be 'The wheels on the bus.' We will look at forms of transport and finding our way around using maps. In December we look forward to our visit to the Garrick Theatre and then our own performance of 'Stable Story.'


 Drama Workshops  Room on the Broom   8.11.17 and 14.11.17 

We worked with Mrs Pattinson on freeze framing, choral speaking, thought tapping and hot seating. We had great fun pretending to be cats, dogs,witches dragons and a mud monster. 


 Anti-Bullying Theme Day 13.11.17

In class we have been thinking about what makes a good friend. 




Writing workshop 15.11.17 

We worked together to improve our sentence writing.




Year 1 and 2 Christmas Play December 2017