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Welcome to Year 4's Class Page 


Homework 09/06/17 - 20/06/17 



Year 4 have been given a pack of Grammar and Punctuation activities to practice in preparation for Assessment Week. On the back of the pack is  mock test if the children wish to give it a go. I am happy to mark them anytime next week to help them progress with their Grammar and Punctuation. 



We have been practicing our Year 3 and 4 spellings in class during this week's spelling lessons. Each child has written some of the words they wish to practice this weekend in preparation for Assessment Week next week. 

A list of spellings have also been sent out to practice over the next two weeks. They are the following spellings:













The children have been given a range of questions to answer that may be similar to some on the tests next week. We have practiced a range of diffferent assessment questions this week and everyone in Year 4 has worked very hard to improve their understanding in all topics of Mathematics. 


We are coming to the end of our Old Testament topic in class. We have explored to Story of Moses and the calling of David. This week I have given the children an extra piece of RE homework which asks the children to research what the word 'Vocation' means and explain what they think God is calling them to be and why. I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas. 

Please also read the Wednesday word and complete the activities provided on the sheet in your homework books. 

Summer Term Learning in Year 4 

Maths - Year 4 have been working very hard throughout this term on fine tuning their Maths skills. We have begun to recap our understanding of Fractions, exploring equivalents, adding and subtracting fractions and ordering decimal numbers. We will also be recapping our ability to tell the time and answer reasoning questions on the topic of time. 

English - This half term we will be looking at Play Scripts.  The children will be given a variety of opportunities to explore, practice and perform different play scripts in class. This will build up to the children creating their own play script and performing it to the class. 

Science - The children in Year Four this half term will be investigating around the topic 'Sound'. We will be investigating how sound is made, how it travels and finding patterns between the pitch of  sound and features of the object that produced it. Finally we will also be exploring the patterns between the volume of a sound and the strength of the vibrations that produced it. 

RE -  During our final two units in RE we will be exploring and reflecting upon the Eucharist as the sacrament which celebrates the Church's unity. The children will also be given opportunities to find out about religious customs from around the world.  Finally the children will be exploring the special roles and responsibilities given to people in the Church. 

Year 4's trip to Cadbury's World