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Welcome to Year 4's Class Page 

Tuesday 26th June 

The children have a Roman Workshop on Tuesday 26th June. They have been asked to come in dressed as Romans. This can either be as a Roman Solider, Emperor or Empress. The people running the workshop have asked us that if the children wish to bring in Roman Accessories (i.e. shields etc.) that they are to be made out of either cardboard or foam. The children will be wearing these outfits all day so they will need to be comfortable and easy to move around in.




Homework - Due Tuesday 19th June 


English - The children have been questions to answer on Expanded Noun Phrases.  This is something the children should be using in their writing when they are adding description to the noun. E.g. The sparkly, bright star.  The children can answer the questions on the sheet and stick it in their books.  


Maths - MyMaths has been set for homework this week.  The children will be recapping their ability to interpret data from a graph. This should be revision for the children as we have finished out Statistics topic. 


Spellings- The following spellings have been given for the children to practice. I will be testing them on Tuesday 19th June. Please make sure that the children are not only learning how to spell the words but are also able to use the appropriately in a sentence. 













RE - Please read the Wednesday Word and complete the activities. Please make sure that these are either completed in the homework books or that the children are sticking in the Wednesday Word sheets in their books. 

Spelling Practice

Please practice these Year 3 and 4 spellings at least twice a week. The children need to know how to spell them and how to use them in a sentence correctly by the end of Year 4. 

26th March - Forensic Day 

Year 4 were detectives using their forensic skills to find out who stole the money from the safe. They used evidence such as finger prints, DNA results and footprints to work out who the culprit was ? ? ? 

 World Book Day 

Here are our wonderful and creative costumes for World Book Day. 

Summer Term Learning in Year 4 

Maths - This half term the children have been focusing their learning on Time. It is important that the children can not only tell the time (including 5 minute intervals) but they also need to be able to convert time between analogue and digital. We will also be moving onto Statistics where we will be looking at different types of graphs, understanding the information they provide and creating our own. 

English - This half term we are exploring the video of the story 'The Black Hat'. The children have been thinking about where their own hat could take them and planning their own story. We then went on to writing our adventure story in stages, discussing what writing features would make our writing more exciting. 

Science - The children in Year Four this half term have been learning about the Digestive System. The children have learnt how food travels around our body and are able to name the different parts of the digestive system and explain the functions of each organ. We have also explored the different types of teeth and completed an experiment testing what effects different types of liquids have on our teeth. 

RE -  In RE we have been studying different readings from the Old Testament. We have mainly focused on Moses and his encounters with God throughout the bible. We also have discussed the effects the plagues had on people living in Egypt.