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Growing with Jesus

Welcome to Year 4's Class Page 

We have a writing workshop on Friday 3rd November. Parents and family are welcome to come and join in with our learning at St Joseph's.


Homework 13/10/17 - 31/10/17 



The children have been given a few activities to revise their understanding of Grammar. I have also given Year 4 a piece of writing to proof read. There are errors in their that the children need to find and correct.  



Year 4 have been given 2 spelling lists as revision from Year 3. The children need to be practicing their spellings at home as often as they can in order to use them in their lessons. 



The children have been given a number on questions reinforcing their understanding of addition and subtraction. We have been practicing mental and written addition and subtraction in lessons so the children should be familiar with these methods of calculating answers. 


As we have come to the end of our first topic in Re, we have been learning about lots of people and reading their stories in the Old Testament. All of the people we have learnt about are related to one another. In relation to this I have asked the children to create a family tree in their homework books. This is along with them filling in and answering questions on the Wednesday Word. 

Autumn Term Learning in Year 4 

Maths - This half term the children will begin by recapping our understanding of column addition and subtraction. We will be focusing on how to answer worded problems which require the children to work out the question using the written method. We will then be moving onto multiplication and division skills. This requires the children to be practicing their times tables as often as they can at home. 

English - This half term we are looking at a story called 'The Tin Basket'. The children will be exploring the book and learning to use different writing skills when creating a descriptive piece of writing. We will be linking this and moving onto poetry as well during this half term. 

Science - The children in Year Four this half term will be investigating around the topic 'Electricity'. The children will be learning how common appliances run on electricity. They will also be explore circuits by creating their own simple circuit by using cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers. Finally the children will be finding out which objects are insulators or conductors. 

RE -  Our next topic in RE focuses on how 'Jesus teaches us how to pray'. We will be looking at prayers from the old testament and will consider the importance Jesus attached to prayer. We will also study the Our Father, the prayer of the Rosemary and some other forms of prayer.