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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Growing with Jesus

Welcome to Year 5




Friday 6th September 

Due in week beginning 21st October

Homework presentation

Please ensure that you follow the school presentation rules in the same way that you would in your school books. 

Please refer to the homework section of the website for further information.

Children must now be using joined up handwriting in all writing task. Please support this when completing homework.


Creative Homework Project

This half term Y5 will be completing their creative homework project. Therefore no weekly Maths or English (apart from spelling rules) will be set until after half term. 

However please continue daily reading, spelling and timestables practise. 

During our Topic Week we are learning about the Anglo-Saxon. For homework can please research the Anglo-Saxons and create a project to share with the class. You can use posters, power-points, videos, artwork or another way to present your findings. 

Topics could include:

  • Who were the Anglo-Saxons?
  • How did the affect Britain?
  • Way of life
  • Treasure 
  • Religion
  • Art
  • Or any other aspect of Anglo-Saxon life.

Please have you projects ready to share during the last week of this half term (week beginning 21st October). 



Continue to read daily, use bug club and practice handwriting.

Use this website to support Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation:



Spellings (spelling tests will take place on Wednesday)

 Revise Y3/ Y4 spellings and begin to look at Y5 / Y6 spelling lists.

Over the first few weeks we will be testing and revising Y3/Y4 spellings. 



Continue practicing Times Table Rockstars.

Remember to work through the MyMaths lessons to support class work.

Other websites to support Maths learning.


Please work through the 'Ten:Ten' monthly newsletter together. 

Discuss our Value & Virtue for this half term: Grateful & Generous

Grateful for their own gifts, for the gift of other people, and for the blessings of each day; and generous with their gifts, now and in the future.



Look at the great fun we had last year!

Summer Term

Safe & Sound workshop at Lichfield Fire Station

 Y5 had a lovely time at Lichfield Fire Station learning how to stay safe in different situations. They learnt about fire safety, water safety, online safety and CPR. 





What a fabulous assembly about families and Mary as we entered the Month of May!



Spring Term

'Playing it Safe' Performance

 Y5 & Y6 enjoyed the performance about staying safe, particularly near construction sites. Another important message in the play was linked to peer pressure and what to do in situations which are dangerous. 


The performance also taught us about the inventor Isambard Brunel. Y5 then researched Brunel and created a fact file about his life and work. 



'Should Fortnite be banned?' Y5 have loved researching and writing their own argument for or against. In class we then held a debate. After the votes were counted it ended as a draw!  



This term Y5 have been looking at the narrative poem 'The Highwayman.' They have learnt part of the poem by heart and performed it with actions and sounds. 

The Highwayman Poem






Y5 have loved learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon and making their own models to show their orbits.


British Science Week

Linked to our Topic of 'Space,' children worked in groups to design and make their own rockets. We tested how far they could travel. 



National Space Centre Trip

Y5 had a great time at the National Space Centre learning about the Sun, Moon, different planets, astronauts and space travel.   









Y5 continued to investigated materials and how they can be changed. We learnt about how some solids (soluble) can dissolve in a liquid to make a solution, E.G. salt, coffee, sugar and gravy. However other solids are insoluble therefore don't dissolve, E.G. sand and rice.

Next we investigated if the water temperature affects how long it takes sugar and salt to dissolve. 





We then had a challenge to separate different materials that had been mixed together. There are lots of different ways to separate mixtures depending on the type of materials combined. How would you separate salt and water or water and oil? 







Y5 have learnt about Baptism and looked at different paintings representing Jesus' Baptism in the River Jordan. They then created their own using paints, pastels or pencils.   


Trip to Wade Street Church

 Y5 went to Wade Street Church to learn about and act out the events surrounding Jesus' death in the 'Easter Journey.'  






This term we have been learning about Rain-forests around the world. We researched deforestation and wrote our own arguments for or against. 

We also created some lovely artwork in the style of Henri Rousseau.



Y5 then used water-colour paints to make these fantastic pictures linked to the book 'Rhythm of the Rain.'



Autumn Term


Andy Stanton Author Visit

Y5 had a great time meeting 'Best Selling Author - Andy Stanton.' We have loved reading his funny book (Mr Gum) in class.




Creative Homework Presentations

Well done to everyone who has completed their Anglo-Saxon research projects and presented them to the class. 




Alton Castle Retreat

 What a fantastic time Y5 had at Alton Castle on their residential. The theme for this Catholic Retreat was 'Discipleship.' The class took part in many different physical and team building activities. During which they had time to reflect thinking about our 'Values and Virtues' and how we can follow Jesus' footsteps. We also helped lead Mass in St John's Church next to the castle. 





Meal time














Rock Climbing





Library Trip

Y5 had a lovely afternoon at Lichfield Library working alongside a local artist (Jennifer Collier) and the 'Craft & Cuppa' group to create poppies for a giant poppy display. This display is to commemorate one hundred years since the end of the First World War (1914 - 1918) and can be seen at Staffordshire Place in Stafford throughout November. 





This term we have looked at the short film 'The Piano' by Aidan Gibbons that uses flashbacks to tell the story. We have discussed the character's feelings at different points and how the film creates a particular atmosphere and mood.    



Y5 have been learning about the place value of numbers.  



Y5 have been planning and presenting their own collective worship sessions thinking about the theme, stories, prayers, reflections and prayer table objects to include.  



We have been preparing for Christmas by learning about Advent and waiting for the coming of Jesus.  

Y5 made some lovely Advent wreaths and discussed the symbols associated with them. 



This term Y5 are looking at creation stories and prayers. 

'God created man in his own image' Genesis 1:27

What does this mean? - God is good. Everyone is different but we can all reflect his goodness and are special in many different ways. 




Y5 have been learning about different materials and their properties. They learnt about what insulators and conductors are. The class used data loggers to test different materials to see which would be the best insulator for the teachers' cups of tea! Which do you think was the best (none, foil, felt, paper towel or tissue paper)?



Can you feel the force?

We have been learning about forces around us, including gravity. Y5 loved learning about Isaac Newton and his role in discovering gravity and how it affects the planets. 


We have been using force meters to measure the mass (in grams) and weight (the gravitational force in Newtons) of different objects. We also identified the pattern - gravity pulls objects with a force of 1N for every 100g.    




We also investigated how different surfaces can change the distance an object travels. We discussed if the friction was increased or decreased and how we know. 



Air Resistance

We made our own parachutes to carry out a fair